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Promoting Good Lives

The “Good Lives” model is a framework for promoting not just recovery but full, fulfilling, and positive lives. Developed in the context of rehabilitating offenders, we recommend it as a model of supporting survivors because of its focus on – and belief in – the potential of every person to live a life that is meaningful and enjoyable no matter what their starting point.

The model outlines 11 main areas to focus on for developing wellbeing. This can provide an excellent framework for services working with women on a holistic basis to address their needs and support exit from prostitution.

The eleven primary “goods” are:

  1. life (including healthy living and functioning)

  2. knowledge (how well informed one feels about things that are important to them)

  3. excellence in play (hobbies and recreational pursuits)

  4. excellence in work (including mastery experiences)

  5. excellence in agency (autonomy, power and self-directedness)

  6. inner peace (freedom from emotional turmoil and stress)

  7. relatedness (including intimate, romantic, and familial relationships)

  8. community (connection to wider social groups)

  9. spirituality (in the broad sense of finding meaning and purpose in life)

  10. pleasure (feeling good in the here and now)

  11. creativity (expressing oneself through alternative forms).

The point of taking this approach is to offer hope and the belief that all people have the right and ability to thrive in each of these areas. This moves away from a simple “rescue” model that seeks to make women safe (whether through harm reduction or exit) but never moves beyond this basic need.

To find out more about the model, see here

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