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Supporting Safety and Choice: Resources Available to You

At SASE, we have a number of resources available to you as an organisation to help support your work.

At the heart of this is a commitment to being emotionally intelligent about how services are offered and a core belief that everyone can be given more choice in their lives.

If you access our resources and need further advice, we will be happy to help. Just drop us an email and we can arrange some one-to-one training or support. In fact, just drop us a line if you have a question, an idea, or need to find out a bit of information. Even better, we’d be happy to give you a tour of our website and a run down of what is going on right now.

As a starting point, we highly recommend making use of the following:

This briefing outlines the emotional journeys that women take as they exit prostitution (and before), helping you to identify who is ready for what kind of change: from simply helping women to be more safe and less isolated, to facilitating exit, to supporting women to maintain change in their life.

It outlines why an emotionally intelligent approach is important and avoids getting stuck in only providing one kind of support.

It has been shown that providing dedicated and optimistic exiting support is key for those women who are want to move on from lives in the sex industry. This report outlines the most effective approach to developing this aspect of your service and we would be more than happy to help you implement some changes if you are inspired to do so. (And to receive any new information or ideas, of course)

As many of you know, the current financial climate has seen many organisations struggling to fund the vital support that they offer. This guide outlines the case for funding exit, why it is value for money, and how it makes a lasting impact. We know that these services should be supported because they matter but we also know that making the economic case can help things along.

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