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Real choice means real alternatives 

 "being vulnerable isn't a choice"


*Vanessa's story


My name is Vanessa. I am 26yrs old and now live in Glasgow.


People don’t believe this happens……it does.


I am a survivor of trafficking.


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At SASE, we are committed to giving people more CHOICE.


Women who have experienced sexual exploitation tell us that the biggest barrier to changing their lives for the better is a lack of choice. We want to change that.  


We help build services, policy, and practice that is based on hope and resilience. Our aim is to ensure that no-one remains vulnerable or stuck in a situation that they would rather get out of. 


We promote the human rights and poverty relief of people with multiple and complex needs who have been affected by commercial sexual exploitation.


We support and help to develop the most effective service provision for this group so that they have more hope, support, and opportunity.


We do this by:


  • Activities that help to relieve need, particularly through service provision 


  • Activities that promote the elimination of harm and human rights abuses, particular through exiting services


  • Developing a network of services and other stakeholders and facilitating collaboration


  • Research and development of solutions


  • Providing information and advice to services and other interested parties, such as policy makers and funders


  • Raising awareness and providing training


Our current activities include:


  • Maintaining a database and network of support services and other stakeholders


  • Developing solutions to the barrier of finding meaningful activity and employment, particularly through holding a criminal record and having experienced multiple disadvantage


  • Developing solutions to improve the lives and support desistance of women in the criminal justice system who have particular needs relating to commercial sexual exploitation 


  • Collating news, resources, and information for support services to be more effective and to develop a stronger legal and policy framework in order to create an environment that gives people more choice


  • Offering one-to-one training and support to organisations that share our aims in order to strengthen the impact of their activities                                                          

For support, services, and projects: 

For guidance and resources:

For news and networks:

Stand Against Sexual Exploitation (SASE) is a charity that aims to create more choice for people affected by involvement in the commercial sex industry and to eliminate harm and exploitation. We facilitate a network of practitioners, individuals, policy makers, survivors, and others who share this aim. 


We primarily support service providers to be effective in helping people, most commonly women, to exit from prostitution. We promote practice, policy and law that helps to achieve this. 


The network aims to raise public awareness of these issues and to act as a resource and information hub disseminating research, policy and practice.


The network also aims to offer a safe and supportive space for survivors, practitioners and others to connect with one another and progress these issues.                                                                    

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